VĂ©ronique Vincent is part of Aksak Maboul (she joined the band in 1980), and was the co-lead singer of The Honeymoon Killers.

VĂ©ronique sang and co-wrote the songs on  Ex-Futur Album, which was released in 2014 with a slight delay of... 30 years. These songs had been written by VĂ©ronique and Marc Hollander between 1980 and 1983 for the projected 3rd Aksak Maboul album, ...



"Tout a une fin / Blaue Bleistift”

"Tout a une fin / Blaue Bleistift” - the 2-track single  heralds the release of Aksak Maboul's new double LP 'Figures' (out May 15, 2020), which will be the legendary experimental pop band’s first real new album in decades.
These two tracks are reworks, which won’t appear as such on the album.

Tout a une fin (short version) (‘Everything ends’)
A tight 3-minute track including a song part (in which VĂ©ronique Vincent’s voice performs sinuous variations around the words in the title) and a section featuring electronic, rock and orchestral instrumentation rising to a wild, crescendo finale.

Blaue Bleistift
Unveiling some of the more electronic and experimental aspects of the new LP, with its criss-crossing keyboard lines and sound collages. Kind of a mysterious, ambient cousin of Aksak Maboul’s Saure Gurke?

Tout a une fin
 is also out in the shape of a dizzying music video directed by young animator/collagist Yoann Stehr (whose recent work includes short films for fashion designer Paul Smith).

Just like the Figures album, this single was written and produced by Marc Hollander & VĂ©ronique Vincent  (respectively founder of Aksak Maboul & Crammed Discs, and former vocalist with The Honeymoon Killers).

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