Before creating his SNOOZE persona, Dalcan released two albums which were something of a revolution in the world of French pop.

“Entre l’Etoile et le Carré” (1991) used sparse, stripped-down arrangements, mixing guitars and synths with breakbeats and hip hop samples, an as-yet-unheard combination.

“Cannibale” (1994) retained the basic elements so characteristic of his style (the penetrating voice, the great melodies & songwriting), but went on to explore other dimensions. Dalcan's immoderate taste for Sixties and Seventies film music (Lalo Schiffrin, Elmer Bernstein, John Barry or Ennio Morricone are among his heroes) reflected in the lavish arrangements and the quasi-cinematographic atmospheres.


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DOMINIQUE DALCAN - Snooze - Remixes 1 & 2
Snooze - Remixes 1 & 2

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