Jazz guitarist & composer Gabor G.Kristof (whose family had left Hungary in 1956 to settle in Switzerland) and vocalist Nadjma (a Swiss resident of Iraqi origin) had recorded three amusing electropop tracks sung in Arabic. We came up with the idea to release them as one side of a mini-album, and to ask dub wizard Adrian Sherwood to do some radical remixes which would make up the second side. Adrian accepted, but declined the offer to listen to the original songs prior to the mixing session, arguing that he preferred to discover them on the spot. He flew to Lausanne, came to the studio, listened... and was slightly disconcerted, as these neat pop songs were unlike anything he’d worked on before. He soon proceeded to tear them apart and reconstruct strange, pulsating tracks which sound somewhat like pre-drum’n’bass, using various sonic ingredients he had brought with him (including the sound of a knife hitting a wooden board, which serves as a snare drum). For the last of these remixes, Adrian enroled Vincent Kenis, who played bass and contributed some strange sounds. Nadjma’s singing career seems to have been short-lived. Gabor Kristof founded a great music school in Geneva, which he still runs. He writes and records music for soundtracks (one of which, Le Cri du Lézard, largely based on atmospheric, bluesy pieces for acoustic guitar, was released by Crammed in the early ‘90s).

(from "The ‘80s According To Crammed - A Diary", included in the Crammed Global Soundclash boxed set)


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