"Who needs Prozac with tunes like this around" ? asked UK monthly Muzik. Great songwriting + evocative, lush & dreamy production + inspired vocal interpretation, these were the trademarks of Phosphorus, a Rome-based band consisting of three English expats (Debbie Harris, Emma Stow & Keir Fraser), and one Italian (Marco Scocchera).

Phosphorus practised the so-called Minor Art of Songwriting with a mixture of aloofness and humility. Melody and emotion came first, and all they were concerned with is was translation of states of minds into soundscapes. Whenever they borrowed from dub, hip hop, jazz or soundtrack music, they used their peculiar, impressionistic production techniques in order to harmoniously fuse and bend these elements into a classic song framework.


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PHOSPHORUS - Inspiring Light
Inspiring Light
PHOSPHORUS - Pillar Of Salt
Pillar Of Salt