Delirious yet sophisticated, lush yet furious, sarcastic yet sentimental, Flat Earth Society are one of the most exciting big bands around.

Flat Earth Society (sometimes simply known as "FES") is the brainchild of mercurial Belgian composer & clarinet player Peter Vermeersch, and consists of about 14 top-class turbulent and skilled musicians.

After their "FES-isms" collection, compiled by Mike Patton (Faith No More, Fantomas) and released in 2004 on his Ipecac label, they joined the Crammed stable and released two albums so far: the brilliant "Psychoscout" in 2006  and the even wilder "Cheer Me, Perverts" in 2009

Peter Vermeersch has composed music for numerous pieces by major choreographers Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker and Wim Vandekeybus. He's written for opera, theatre, ballet, was a founding member of bands such as Maximalist! And X-Legged Sally,  wrote pieces for the Arditti Quartet, Quadro Quartet, the Smith Quartet and Ensemble Musique Nouvelle, played with Union, Fred Frith, Jazzwork from Berlin, The Simpletones, produced recordings by dEUS and Guy Chadwick

Line-up: the band currently includes Tuxedomoon trumpet player Luc van Lieshout, ex-Think Of One member Bart Maris (three other Think Of One members used to be part of FES), keyboardist Peter Vandenberghe, bassist Kristof Roseeuw, trombone players Marc Meeuwissen and Stefaan Blancke, Berlinde Deman on tuba, Teun Verbruggen on drums, Tom Wouters, Michel Mast, Bruno Vansina & Benjamin Boutreur on woodwinds, occasional singer/guitarist Roland Vancampenhout, and film actor/accordion player/vocalist Wim Willaert, who starred in the multi-awarded French feature film "Quand la mer monte/When The Tide Comes In".


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FLAT EARTH SOCIETY - Cheer Me, Perverts
Cheer Me, Perverts

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