Auto Repeat put out some of the weirdest tracks which came out in the mid 90s. These trash situationist disco punk pieces with a full-on Chicago shimmy have bent dancefloors in all manners of crazy shapes, and came in outrageously hijacked sleeves.In the world of warped, fucked-up disco house. Auto Repeat must be to Daft Punk what The Silence Of The Lambs is to Walt Disney's latest cartoon...

From the original press release:

When Elin was 7 his father, an old-school hippie, used to listen to 70's rock records.
Elin was not very impressed.
When Elin was 12 all his friends were into heavy metal. Elin was bored and started to hate music.

When Elin was 13 he heard a record that made him come in his pants. It was a mega-silly exploitation disc called 19. Samplemania started to happen. But it took young Elin another couple of years to really enter the world of music. It was the magnificent, pure, sample-based "Pump Up The Volume" that changed his life. He fell in love with the idea of making tracks by recycling other people's recordings. He sold all his toys to buy a second-hand sampler, and started spending most of his time with that beloved piece of hardware (which he called George in private).

Elin's Mom, a friendly but Austrian woman, thought that something might not be totally OK with her son. But then again maybe she preferred him to be in his bedroom, fondling George's knobs, rather than being in a gang or doing drugs.

 Ten years later, not much has changed, except that the worldwide revolution of bedroom studio nerds has enabled Elin to put his music on records and bring it to the dancefloor. Apart from that, Elin is still living with his hippie parents and his sampler, recycling the records that made him drop out of school and lose all his friends. But his parents now believe in him and aren't trying to make him a valuable member of society anymore. So things work out perfectly. As Elin always says: "What is life and especially music but an endless auto-repetition getting faster every day?


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AUTO REPEAT - The Unbearable Lightness Of Auto-repeating
The Unbearable Lightness Of Auto-repeating
Mad Cow
AUTO REPEAT - Def Metal Mastering
Def Metal Mastering
AUTO REPEAT - Auto-amerikanische Freundschaft (revisited Remixes)
Auto-amerikanische Freundschaft (revisited Remixes)

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