"The Unbearable Lightness Of Auto-repeating"

The four 12" by Auto Repeat are among the weirdest club records which came out during the 90s. These trash situationist disco tracks with a full-on Chicago shimmy have bent dancefloors in all manners of crazy shapes, and came in outrageously hijacked sleeves.

True to his motto, Auto Repeat then came up with  this outrageous debut album, entitled The Unbearable Lightness of Autorepeating. Alongside a couple of brand-new pieces and remixes by Carl Craig, Paul Johnson, DJ Sneak and Sluts&Strings&909 (Pulsinger/Tunakan), it contains most of the original tracks from these very much sought-after EPs. Let's just simply say that they sound as provocative as ever... In the world of warped, fucked-up disco house, Auto Repeat must be to Daft Punk what The Silence Of The Lambs is to Walt Disney's latest cartoon...

Auto Repeat is also known as DJ Elin. He's a dangerous sonic terrorist and a certified maniac, which isn't at all that surprising considering that he comes from Vienna, a city which has after all spawned bizarre phenomena such as actionnism (an art movement whose main exponents specialized in self-inflicted amputations), Strauss waltzes and psychoanalysis.

Ever since a young Elin brushed against the stupendous 'Pump Up The Volume', he's been a firm believer in the idea of making tracks by recycling other people's recordings. He now busies himself ritually abusing the records that made him drop out of school and lose all his friends. These tracks are the wonderful results of his beautifully twisted mind. So cut yourself a slice...

Selected press quotes:

"A biting electro rhythmic baby monster that grooves so wickedly it's orgasmic" (DJ)

"Mad tune alert ! ...boots off with the lethally bassed, Chicago minimal Needle Damage... bass'n'drums, enraged guinea pigs, mad Spanish MCs, warped to fuck" (Echoes)

"Vienna meets Chicago... A supreme package... Single of the Week" (NME)


AUTO REPEAT - The Unbearable Lightness Of Auto-repeating
The Unbearable Lightness Of Auto-repeating
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AUTO REPEAT - Def Metal Mastering
Def Metal Mastering
AUTO REPEAT - Auto-amerikanische Freundschaft (revisited Remixes)
Auto-amerikanische Freundschaft (revisited Remixes)