The Moody Boyz are Tony Thorpe, a Londoner of Jamaican origin who has been at the forefront of the electronic music scene since the mid-'80s. He produced some of the first UK acid singles, was for a while the KLF’s in-house remixer, and released a string of 12” which earned him the status of godfather of “intelligent  techno”.

The Moody Boyz had started as a duo including Tony Thorpe and KLF-man Jimmy Cauty. After Cauty's departure, Thorpe went on to record the groundbreaking "Product Of The Environment" album, which featured contributions by the likes of Black Dog, and a great proto-afro-techno track entitled "Destination Africa"

When Tony joined forced with Crammed/SSR to start the Language imprint in 1995, SSR re-released the Moody Boyz album as a double CD (including a string of additional remixes), under the title “Recycled For The Environment”.

As the A&R of Language, Tony Thorpe signed and developed artists such as Buckfunk 3000, Endemic Void, Elixir, Tao and Circadian Rhythm, and put together the seminal "Miscellaneous" multi-artist albums.


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THE MOODY BOYZ - Destination Africa
Destination Africa
THE MOODY BOYZ - Recycled For The Environment
Recycled For The Environment