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After two art-synth-pop albums and an EP on Crammed ("Regrets Eternels", "Fatale Rêverie" and "Secret Love", all re-released as a single volume under the title "Secret Love" ), Biscuit deepened his involvement with the "Nouvelle Danse" ballet scene in France.

He's worked with choreographer Philippe Decouflé (who was responsible for the mad opening ceremony at the Olympic Winter Games in 92, as well as for a famous video for New Order), and founded the Systeme Castafiore dance company with Brazilian dancer and choreographer Marcia Barcellos (who, incidentally, briefly performed as a vocalist with Tuxedomoon circa 1985).

The music in "Aktualismus" is drawn from soundtracks written and recorded for Castafiore dance performances. The album is subtitled "An Essay on the End of Modernity" andis divided in three sections: Topiques Miniatures, Fables Préhistoriques and Aktualismus (Chroniques Barbares).

"Hierophone", one of the tracks from "Aktualismus", unexpectedly became the theme music for a popular fashion show on the BBC television in the mid 90s.


KARL BISCUIT - Aktualismus
KARL BISCUIT - Secret Love
Secret Love