"City Boy Players"

Eddie Flashin' Fowlkes is one of the most original, creative and multi-faceted figures of the Detroit scene (of which -as too few people know- he was one of the original founders, alongside his mates Atkins, May & Saunderson). He's always crossed musical borders, and boldly injected healthy doses of house, soul or gospel in his techno. He's produced dozens of tracks, but very few albums so far.In 1999, Eddie Fowlkes  got together with mega-talented producer, keyboard player and vocalist Niko Marks to form the City Boy Players.

A kaleidosope of Great Black Music (as the Art Ensemble Of Chicago used to call it), a time & space voyage through 15 tracks which revisit a number of Afro-American roots, going from techno/house to soul, r'n'b & disco to hard electronica or weird collages and back again. No pretention, much fun, lots of grooves, and a profusion of great vocals and classic songs. The album largely features the vocal talents and the brilliant jazz piano of Niko Marks, but is also graced with the presence of two female singers: Jennifer Howe (on a couple of wonderful tracks entitled "A Day In The Shade" & "Way Back When") and Myon Bryant (on the uptempo cuts "I Surrender" and "Love, Love, Love"). There's also appearances by poet Rob Bell (on "It's Yo' Turn Sista") and several other guests.

The album came out in CD format, and was accompanied by a double 12" containing remixes of "Love, Love, Love".


EDDIE FOWLKES - City Boy Players
City Boy Players
EDDIE FOWLKES - The Love, Love, Love Ep
The Love, Love, Love Ep