"Bauls Of Bengal"

The Bauls are wandering mystical musicians from Bengal. They sing in a style both athletic and sensual, and use very simple instruments (including the ektara , whose single string symbolizes the unity with God), which manage to create peculiar textures and remarkably varied rhythms.

Purna Das Baul is a real folk hero in his country, where he is referred to as "the King of Bauls". He represents the seventh generation in a dynasty of prestigious musicians. His father was Nabani Das Baul, a friend and inspiration for philosopher Rabindranath Tagore. He's frequently travelled abroad in the 60's and 70's (poet Allen Ginsberg invited him to the States, and introduced him to Bob Dylan).

This album was recorded in Brussels in 93 with a group of five musicians, including two of his sons.

Purna Das Baul says:

When I sing I feel very close to nature, as I spent my childhood singing and dancing on the village roads of West Bengal, among the trees, rivers and the local people, as it is the traditional wandering Baul minstrel way. Since 8 generations we are practising our Baul music, which is passed on from fathers to sons. I learned from my father, Nadani Das Baul, who was a very close friend of the famous poet Rabindranath Tagore.

I remember, when my father and grandfather were singing, they seemed to be in ecstatic joy in another world, a mystic union with nature and music reaching out to the divine. The root of our music is really devotion, songs and dance are used to express our feelings and religious ideas.

Baul philosophy includes elements of Hinduism, Sufism, Islam, Buddhism and Tantrism. We believe in the Universal God and long for his realization in our inner soul, trying to find our “man of heart” - (“Mani Manush”).

A Baul is always searching for some inspiration to bring him in communion with the Holy. It is an inner quest and we don’t believe in any conventional mode of worship. As the music comes directly from the heart it can also be understood by people of very different cultures and we hope to spread some universal feelings of love, peace and harmony to the people of this, our earth.

In this album two of my sons, Subhendu Das and Dibyendu Das are also singing and expressing their feelings through the Baul culture. May peace be with you all!


PURNA DAS BAUL - Bauls Of Bengal
Bauls Of Bengal