"Out Of Tuva"
1. Tanola Nomads
2. Tchashpy-Hem
3. Aldan Hoynung
4. Bai-Laa Taigam
5. Fate
6. Lullaby For Lambs
7. Kolkhozchu-Man

Sainkho is a stunning vocalist who hails from the Republic of Tuva (ex-Ussr, near the Mongolian border). She was born in a family of nomads, has studied cult music of the lamaistic and shamanistic traditions around Siberia, and could very well -after the Bulgarian Voices and the Corsican Polyphonies- become the next vocal sensation, a kind of Yma Sumac for the 90's.

This album depicts her musical journey so far, and comprises recordings made in Tuva and Moscow between 86 and 89 (including ritual music "disguised" -as it was forbidden at the time in the Ussr- under strange arrangements for large orchestra), as well as her latest collaborations with producers Hector Zazou (Polyphonies Corses, Sahara Blue) and Vincent Kenis (Zap Mama).