1. Minnesota Mantalo
2. Success With The Ladies
4. Quiet Alone
5. Brazilian Hat-Trick
6. Doremifa Girl
7. Good Morning As Usual

His first album "The Man In The Shadow" - a groovy, electronic aural film noir released in 1997 - had immediately established SNOOZE as one of the most original talents emerging from the buoyant French scene. It also quickly went on to become SSR's most successful debut album.

After having taken some time off to record a Brazilian-infused pop album for Island under his Dalcan moniker, Snooze came back in 2001 with "GOINGMOBILE", a sumptuous affair full of grooves, orchestrations, surprises, melodies, emotions, noises, shades, nuances, giggles, haunting percussions, dreams etc.

Snooze  enlisted the talents of several guests, including three distinguished vocalists: NANCY DANINO (a Parisian whose sweet voice graced a couple of tracks on "The Man In The Shadow"), NICOLE GRAHAM (an American then based in Paris) and DEBORAH BROWN (an Atlanta-based classic jazz singer whose outstanding performance contributes to making the song "Quiet Alone" one of the highlights of this album).


"It could be a little early to say (this) but for me it's true: it's the album of the year! ...A classic... perfection for your ears... here is an artist that can make music and write songs and put them out and let them stand up on their own merit. Mr Snooze you're alright...5/5" (DJ)
 "A real treat for downtempo fans... deep instrumentals and moving melodies... real songs, beautiful sounds... In short it's great... 5/5" (Vital Release - Muzik)
 "For lovers of Air, Bent and Saint Etienne - You will want to wake up to Snooze's latest spaced oddity... 4/5" (7)
 "Conjures up a variety of emotive aural images... A skilful fusion of the rough and smooth. The stuff of dreams, in short" (Album of the Month - Jockey Slut)
 "His '97 debut album was way ahead of the lounge/downtempo tidal wave. The new one is luminous and extrovert" (Nova Mag, France)
 "Will Snooze replace the Eiffel Tower as the national symbol ?... Sublime... Album of the Month" (Trax, France)
 "One of the most talented artists on the French scene" (Coda, France)


SNOOZE - Goingmobile
SNOOZE - The Man In The Shadow
The Man In The Shadow
CRAMMED ARCHIVES 3 - RARE SSR ELECTRONICA 1994-01 - Snooze - Remixes 1 & 2
Snooze - Remixes 1 & 2
SNOOZE - Good Morning As Usual
Good Morning As Usual