"The Black Steele Project"

This is the first full-length album by acclaimed London drum'n'bass duo Subject 13 (aka Roy Bleau & Dave Stewart), and the first in a series of three Black Steele albums to be recorded by them for Selector.

Subject 13 have been at the core of the scene since their inaugural release, a mad breakbeat tune entiled 'Eternity' which came out way back when jungle used to be called hardcore, and became some kind of anthem at the time. Since then, all their releases have been received with the utmost respect. They've started their own label Vibe'z Recordings, in '94, and have put out a string of consistently strong 12". Major players such as Fabio and LTJ Bukem have invited them to record tracks for their respective labels.

A lesser-known aspect of Subject 13 is their implication as social activists in the life of their community. During the last two years they've been successfully running "New Generation", a club event for the under-18 which is held during weekend afternoons, and provide teenagers with the cutting-edge beats they love but can't normally experience in a club situation (because of their age) as well as drug awareness, as a counsellor specialized in drug problems is holding talks with them on the site.

Subject 13 / Black Steele believe that originality and individualism are paramount to the evolution of music. At the same time they see themselves as heirs to the continuing great tradition of Black Music. They've been absorbing elements of hip hop, soul, r'n'b & dub, and are quoting very diverse personalities such as Benny Carter, Ronny Laws, Weather Report, Teddy Riley, R. Kelly and Babyface as having been important and inspirational for their development.

Here's what UK mag Muzik (which predicted that Subject 13 will be among the 'faces of 1997') wrote about their music: "...awesome excursions into jazz-step and tough-edged drum & bass...(they) trip out on deep atmospherics while wielding a very big beat stick".

This perfectly describes many of the great, jazz-drenched, hard / cool tracks which appear on "Subject 13 present The Black Steele Project" : " Slice Of Soul", "High Noon", "Good Guys Bad Guys", "Dinner Time Jazz", "Mystical Flyte" etc.

Other highlights of the album include a remix of "Just For You" by rising French DJ Gilb-R (of Versatile fame), a hip hop remix by Endemic Void ("True Skillz", the original, vocal version of which features DA Mobstaz and only appears on the vinyl), and "So Much Feel", featuring sinuous vocals by Claire Callahan.


SUBJECT 13 - The Black Steele Project
The Black Steele Project