"La Fiancée aux yeux de bois"
1. Foire A Kamenka / Fair At Kamenka
2. J’ai vu un ange / I Have Seen An Angel
4. Les Montreurs d’ours sont partis / The Bear-tamers Have Gone Away
5. Grand-père Klonimus / Grandfather Klonimus
6. Le Soldat Tufaiev se marie / Soldier Tufaiev Gets Married
7. Roulette Russe / Russian Roulette

A journey in an imaginary Russia; Gypsy violin, string quartet, and Zelwer himself on accordion, clarinet, piano and computer. A poetical and sublimized vision of the Russian and Jewish music and village life at the beginning of this century.

Mostly based on pieces written for the eponymous ballet by rising French choreographer Karine Saporta, this "Bride With Wooden Eyes" came out in 1990 and was the first album by this young musician who had also been collaborating with the imaginative Francesca Lattuada on her various choreographies ("Simplicissimus", "Stultifera Navis", etc.).


ZELWER - The Gods Are Angry
The Gods Are Angry
ZELWER - La Fiancée aux yeux de bois
La Fiancée aux yeux de bois