"Crammed Goes To The Movies"
1. SNOOZE : The Snooze Theme
2. SUBA : Felicidade
3. SONOKO : Marienbad
4. FLAT EARTH SOCIETY : Gulls & Buoys
6. TARAF DE HAÏDOUKS : Cacurica Dances

This second volume of Mr. Crammed's themed adventures focuses its lens on Crammed tracks that have either been used in films, offer inventive reworks of cult movie songs, or have been inspired by a particular flick, director or genre. The resulting selection takes you on a cinematic journey through three decades of Crammed music: from Sonoko’s charming teenage Japanese take on European art cinema, through to Tony Allen and MC Jean Gab’1 tearing it up blaxploitation style for the film ‘Black’, via Shantel’s infectious rework of Mahala Rai Banda as heard in ‘Borat’… Popcorn at the ready !

Detailed track list

1    Snooze: The Snooze Theme       
nspired by cinema
From the album "The Man In The Shadow", a groovy, electronic aural film noir by the undisputed forerunner of the French downtempo scene of the late '90s.

2    Suba: Felicidade               
A version of the emblematic song from the soundtrack of the 1959 Marcel Camus film "Orfeu Negro" (Black Orpheus) 
From "São Paulo Confessions", the cult album which inspired a generation of electronic music producers, in Brazil and everywhere. Serbian-born, Brazil-based musician & composer Suba tragically passed away in November 1999, just after finishing this album. This track features one of the first recorded vocal performances by Cibelle.

3    Sonoko            Marienbad               
Inspired by that epitome of early 60s avantgarde cinema, "L'Année dernière à Marienbad" (Last Year in Marienbad) by Alain Resnais & Robbe-Grillet.
From "La Débutante", a charming study in reverse exoticism by a young girl from Kyoto, who conjures up the spirit of Brigitte Bardot, Suicide, Nino Rota and, in this song, sublime actress Delphine Seyrig.  

4    Flat Earth Society      Gulls & Buoys           
Included in the soundtrack of "My Queen Karo", a film by Dorothée Van Den Berghe (2009)
One of the wildest jazz big bands around ("jazz" meaning, in this particular case, anything between Henry Mancini, Zappa, Merry Melodies, John Zorn and more…)

5    Minimal Compact        When I Go               
Included in the soundtrack of Wim Wenders' "Wings Of Desire" (1987)    
A rare ballad in the repertoire of the incisive, funky and quasi-Middle Eastern 80s cult rock band.

6    Taraf de Haïdouks     Cacurica Dances           
Included in the soundtrack of the Terry Gilliam film "The Brothers Grimm" (2005)
From the "Band of Gypsies" album, a high point in the recording career of the band which epitomizes the vitality of Balkan Gypsy music. 

7    MC Jean Gab'1 & Tony Allen    Black (Theme From The Film)               
From the soundtrack of "Black", a neo-blaxploitation film by Pierre Laffargue (2009)
The film's theme tune, recorded by Afrobeat legend Tony Allen and provocative French rapper MC Jean Gab'1

8    Dominique Dalcan    The Look Of Love           
A version of a song from the soundtrack of the original James Bond spoof movie "Casino Royale" (1967)
Recorded back around 92 by the elegant French popster, who is also hiding somewhere else on this album. 

9    Gabor Kristof        Ballade de l'Estafette       
From the soundtrack of "Le Cri du Lezard", a film by Bertrand Theubet (1991)
This piece by the Swiss-Hungarian guitarist & composer evokes impressions of classic-era French film scores.

10    Taraf de Haidouks    Les Portes de la nuit       
The Taraf's take on the soundtrack of the Marcel Carné movie "Les Portes de la Nuit"(1946), including "Autumn Leaves"
From "Maskarada", the album in which the Taraf "re-gypsyfied" works by classical composers who originally drew their inspiration from Gypsy music.

11    Mahala Raï Banda    Mahalageasca (Bucovina Dub)
Included in the soundtrack of the Sacha Baron Cohen/Larery Charles film "Borat" (2006)
This cheerful remix of the Romanian brass band's track by Shantel has become an anthem of the Balkan club scene

12    Sonoko            In Heaven               
A version of the song from the soundtrack of David Lynch's "Eraserhead" (1977)"
East Revisits West once again, in another excerpt from that treasure chest entitled "La Débutante".

13    Allá                La Montana Sagrada       
Inspired by the Alejandro Jodorowsky movie "The Holy Mountain" (1973)
The Chicago-based Mexican-American sound voyagers have forged a distinctive sound encompassing styles of music from the last four decades, from Motown and tropicalia to krautrock and symphonic pop.

14    Bebel Gilberto        Tanto Tempo
Included in the soundtrack of the Mike Nichols film "Closer" (2004)
The title track from the magical 2000 album which perfectly captured the mood of the times, and became one of the most globally-successful albums of Brazilian music ever.

15    Hector Zazou        Cine Citta               
inspired by, well, Cine Città, the Italian Hollywood
A fine example of the versatile French composer's own brand of playful chamber music.

16    Tuxedomoon        Kubrick               
inspired by…
From "Vapour Trails" (2007), an album recorded by the ever-inventive cult band exactly thirty years after its inception in the heady atmosphere of San Francisco’s postpunk golden age.

17    Mocky            Sleepy Time
A version of a song from the soundtrack of the Alejandro Jodorowsky film "El Topo" (1970)
From "Saskamodie", Mocky's wonderfully melodic future/retro classic album


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