1. Fading (Cartyeah rework)
2. Soldier (Opiate rework)
3. Never Told (Styrofoam rework)
4. Peaceful (DopplAr rework)
6. 8 November (Lewis in Heaven rework)
7. Cheapest Soundtrack (Hroski rework)

Following the international release of their much acclaimed debut album tbc, and the launch of their award-winning multimedia project “Deleting Borders” earlier this year, Amatorski are back this fall with re:tbc a remix album which includes versions of all the tracks from the album, reworked by the following up-and-coming artists:

Fading  by Cartyeah

Cartyeah is a broad frame under which songwriter, producer, remixer and DJ Michiel Van Laeken creates music and mixes. The music surfs between bass heavy atmospheric beats and lo-fi indie-pop, but refuses to be exclusive to either of these territories. In the past, Cartyeah performed as a band, where the music is enriched by vocals and live instruments.

Soldier  by Opiate

Thomas Knak is a Danish electronic musician who has also produced work under the name Opiate. He worked with Björk on her Vespertine album and has produced remixes for Bomb the Bass and Coldcut. He also produced original music for the Danish film Reconstruction. 

Never Told  by Styrofoam

Antwerp, Belgium - based producer, programmer, synth geek, remixer. Formerly known as the recording artist Styrofoam. Produced/collaborated/remixed Mum, Merdan Taplak, Jimmy Eat World, Postal Service, Blonde Redhead, Josh Rouse, The Submarines, Of Montreal, Milow, Meiko…

Peaceful  by DopplAr

DopplAr is an alias of Amatorski’s guitar player Sebastiaan Van den Branden. Influenced by artists such as Bibio and Flying Lotus, he loves mixing sturdy beats with dreamy guitar and synth arrangements. After a lot of bedroom experiments, this is his first release as a remixer/producer.

22 Februar by Marble Sounds

Pieter Van Dessel is a Belgian singer/songwriter and producer. He released two albums under the name Plastic Operator (Different Place in 2007 and Before The Day is Out in 2012, which are more electronica-orientated) and two albums as Marble Sounds (Nice Is Good in 2010 en Dear Me, Look Up in 2013). He also made remixes for True Bypass, Yuko and The Black Atlantic.

8 November by Lewis in Heaven

Originally trained as an architect, Ruben Nachtergaele has developed a maximalist approach to exploring music and sound. In various projects and collaborations he uses his skills as a sound designer, sound engineer and audio post-production-guy. He has worked, performed or presented installation work in ctrl-alt-del Istanbul, klink og bank Reykjavik, Wiener Festwoche, Happy New Ears, STUK, Worm, Almost Cinema, Europe House Tbilisi, international art centre Vooruit, STAM Ghent.

The Cheapest Soundtrack  by Hroski

Hroski is actually Hilke Ros, Amatorski’s double bass player. Earlier she composed and produced music for her jazzy drum’n’bass project Colorless Green Ideas. As Hroski she created this collage of  Amatorski samples interspersed with distant cello lines.


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