"Two Roomed Motel"
CD, LP, digital
1. Empty Aisles
2. Two Roomed Motel
3. All Our Stuff
4. Cascade Occurence
5. A Veil Between
6. Rooms We've Made
7. Blue Rhumba

From the heart of the strange, suburban environment known as the San Fernando Valley, a vast sprawl  on the edge of Los Angeles, Scott Gilmore produces his own brand of seductive, beguiling and dreamy pop music.

He’s just joined the Crammed Discs roster, and his new album Two Roomed Motel will be released on March 1st, 2019. 

This is how Scott describes what he does:
I make music using synthesizers, drum machines, electric bass, and acoustic and electric guitars. I try to write music that is both beautiful and engaging. I enjoy writing many melodies, harmonies and counter melodies into my compositions to develop a sense of forward motion. My main influences include Brian Eno, Cluster, Kraftwerk, Stereolab, Talking Heads, YMO, ‘70’s and ‘80’s Ethiopian Music, J.S. Bach, and the out-takes from the Beach Boys Smile Sessions. (from an interview in Titel - Kultur Magazine, DE)

His first album Subtle Vertigo elicited praise from the media. Comparisons to sounds as diverse as those of Air, Stereolab, Italian film music from the '70s and to solitary eccentrics such as R. Stevie Moore and Captain Beefheart were drawn.

Scott Gilmore will be performing solo shows around US and Europe, from Spring 2019 onwards.

The first single off the new album is the title track, it's illustrated by a music video which Scott directed himself.

Scott Gilmore Two Roomed Motel (cram 286 CD, LP, digital)
Out on Crammed Discs March 1st, 2019

From the media reactions to Scott Gilmore’s previous album:

A chill, whimsical listen whose compositions reveal themselves to be surprisingly complex. Full of clean-toned guitars, percolating rhythm boxes, and layer upon layer of wispy analog synthesizers, it takes its principal stylistic cues from Krautrock and library music; the album often sounds like Air'Moon Safari or Stereolab’s Dots and Loops run through a beat-up transistor radio that’s been wrapped in cheesecloth  Pitchfork (US) 

One of the year's best records to date. Scott Gilmore makes music for the moments late nights bleed into early mornings, when skies begin to shift, when you're left alone in your own liminality. Light, melodious, somehow simultaneously of "now" and plausibly a hitherto unheard relic from a bygone age. 

A bedroom pop experimentalist. Dreamy. 
Stereogum (US)

I`m guessing that Scott Gilmore possesses a rhythm box – set to Bossa – and a love of vintage synths. His compositions consisting of swirling electronics. Highly orchestrated and arranged. With guitars, clipped jazz chords, keys of backwards morse and Arp-bent notes. Sine-waves doubling for Parisian accordion in an ersatz Easy-Listening. Where 1960s Chanson and `60s European Art Cinema themes fuse with the misleadingly staidly named genre, “Library”. The wild experiments of Italian sonic explorers like Fabio Borgazzi, Antonio Arena, Giampiero Boneschi, Vittoria Corona, and Piero Umiliani. French audio adventurers such as Jean-Pierre Decerf and Bernard Fèvre. A fusion also found in the music of Stereolab. Shared with contemporaries like George Tuma and Vanishing Twin. Music where black and white celluloid catches images of happy lovers. Barefoot in fountains. Racing carefree across bridges towards tomorrow.
Ban Ban Ton Ton (JP)


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