"Part One: Global Fusion"
1. Zazou Bikaye : Munipe Wa Kati
2. Benjamin Lew & Steven Brown : Dans les jardins
3. Hector Zazou : L’apparition
4. Foreign Affair : Jounieh
6. Benjamin Lew : Hommes assis devant un mur chaulé
7. Deyhim & Horowitz : Ishtar

Throughout the '80s the Crammed label was exploring new forms of musical fusion. Refusing to be limited by geographical and stylistic borders, it mixed elements of world, rock & electronic music, often anticipating the musical movements which bloomed during the next two decades.

The Crammed Global Soundclash 1980-89 series is now reintroducing some of the gems which came out during that fertile and exciting period.

The series consists of 14 releases: a double compilation and 12 artist albums (some of which had never been released on CD, including the long-awaited Honeymoon Killers album and the first Aksak Maboul opus, which laid the foundations of the Crammed aesthetics).

The Crammed Global Soundclash compilation is an introduction to the label's own strange '80s. It features a total of 57 tracks or fragments, by artists from Congo, the UK, Iran, Japan, France, Iraq, Belgium, Norway, Israel, Ethiopia & the USA, and was compiled and mixed by Crammed originator Marc Hollander.

Each of the two volumes explores a slightly different aspect of Crammed's '80s output, as witnessed by the subtitles (World Fusion and ElectroWave). These volumes are being released separately, and are also included in a limited-edition boxed set featuring a 52-page booklet with extensive liner notes and pictures, as well as a bonus CD with five remixes of '80s tracks done in 2003.


CRAMMED GLOBAL SOUNDCLASH - Six Underground Club Classics
Six Underground Club Classics
MINIMAL COMPACT - Deadly Weapons
Deadly Weapons
ZAZOU/BIKAYE/CY1 - Noir et Blanc
Noir et Blanc
BENJAMIN LEW - Compiled Electronic Landscapes
Compiled Electronic Landscapes