Recent placements of Crammed Discs tracks 


LONELY DRIFTER KAREN in ad campaign for Chopard (FR) 

AMATORSKI in ad campaign for taxi app Careem (Dubai)

CIBELLE in campaign for Chanel (FR)

ACID ARAB in online campaign for Chanel Beauté (FR)

SKIP&DIE in ad campaign for Jennifer (FR) 

NOVA MATERIA in online campaign for Saint Laurent (FR)    

SOAPKILLS in ad campaign for Banque Franco-Libanaise (LB)

AMATORSKI in ad campaign for Qare (FR) 

AMATORSKI in ad campaign for Mondial Relay (FR) 

JUANA MOLINA in online ad for Stella McCartney (UK)  

TUXEDOMOON in videos for Dior (FR/IT) and AMI (FR)

MINIMAL COMPACT in video of Altuzarra fashion show (US) 

THE HONEYMOON KILLERS in online video of Chanel's 2017-2018 fashion show (FR)

KONONO N°1 vs MARK ERNESTUS in TV commercial for Guinness beer (Pan-African)

MAÏA VIDAL (Follow Me) in TV commercial for DKNY perfume (worldwide)

TUXEDOMOON (Triumphant Procession) in online commercials for Bottega Veneta 

LONELY DRIFTER KAREN in TV commercial for Monceau Fleurs (France)

AMATORSKI (Come Home) in TV/radio commercial for SPA (BE/NL)

JUANA MOLINA (Ferocisimo) in commercial for Anthropologie (US)

MAÏA VIDAL (Follow Me) in TV commercial for Lactacyd (Europe)

MAÏA VIDAL (Follow Me) in TV commercial for IKEA (Greece)

TUXEDOMOON in online video for Hermès (France)

BALOJI in "Studio Africa" online clips for DIESEL

MAÏA VIDAL (We Are All Made Of Dreams) in online commercial for Desigual (ES)

MAÏA VIDAL (The Waltz) in online commercial for La Plage clothing (Japan)

TARAF DE HAIDOUKS (Rustem) in TV commercial for Cadbury (UK)

LONELY DRIFTER KAREN (Show Your Colours) in online commercial for Eastpak

LONELY DRIFTER KAREN (Show Your Colours) in TV commercial for Intersport (Sweden)

LONELY DRIFTER KAREN (This World Is Crazy) in TV commercial for El Corte Inglés (ES)

LONELY DRIFTER KAREN (True Desire) in TV commercial for Clarks shoes (UK/ES/Belgium) 

LONELY DRIFTER KAREN (The Owl) in internet commercial for Bonobo clothes (France)

BOSSACUCANOVA (Bom Dia Rio) in TV commercial for Korean Airlines (South Korea)

MAHALA RAI BANDA (Mahalageasca) in TV commercial for CEC Bank (Romania)

KOCANI ORKESTAR (Siki, Siki Baba) in Axe Shower Gel advert (USA)

SHANTEL (Disko Partizani!) in radio commercial for Radio 6 (Netherlands)

MAHALA RAI BANDA (Mahalageasca) in TV commercial for ETI (Germany, Turkey)

CIBELLE (City People, Noite de Carnaval) in a film for Sagatiba spirits (Brazil)

MAHALA RAI BANDA (Kibori) in TV commercial for "Rabbids Go Home" video game (worldwide)



JUANA MOLINA in "Lust Life" (US) 

TUXEDOMOON in Valeria Golino's "Euphoria" (IT)    

SOAPKILLS in "Nadia, Butterfly" (CAN)   

AKSAK MABOUL in "Le Choc du Futur" (FR)

MAHALA RAI BANDA in "Music Hole" (BE)

SOAPKILLS in "My Little One" (CH/FR)  

KASAI ALLSTARS in "Felicité" (FR/SN)   

BALKAN BEAT BOX in "La Daronne" (FR)

ACID ARAB in Claire Denis' "Un beau soleil intérieur" (FR)   

KONONO No.1 + KASAI ALLSTARS in "The Journey is the Destination" (US)   

KONONO No.1 + KASAI ALLSTARS in "Beasts Of No Nation" (US)  

SOAPKILLS (Herzan) in "Waves98" (Lebanon)  (Palme d'Or for short films at Cannes 2015) 

YASMINE HAMDAN (Beirut) in "A To B" (UAE)    

AMATORSKI (The King) in "Gruber Geht" (DE)  

YASMINE HAMDAN (Hal) in Jim Jarmusch's "Only Lovers Left Alive" (US)   

AMATORSKI (Come Home) in "Zero Charisma" (US)   

LES TUEURS DE LA LUNE DE MIEL in Yolande Moreau's  "Henri" (France)   

BASOKIN in "Aujourd'hui" (France)  

LONELY DRIFTER KAREN in "Du und Ich" (Austria)   

BEBEL GILBERTO in "In Time" (US)     

LONELY DRIFTER KAREN (The Angels Sigh) in "Losing Control" (US)   

BEBEL GILBERTO in "Eat Pray Love" (US)    

LONELY DRIFTER KAREN (La Chouette) in "Ingrid" (Austria)   

TARAF DE HAÏDOUKS (2 tracks) in "Strigoi" (UK)   

MAHALA RAI BANDA (Mahalageasca) in "Strigoi" (UK)    

LONELY DRIFTER KAREN (True Desire) in "Anyone You Want" (UK)  

BEBEL GILBERTO (Aganju, All Around and Cada Beijo) in "The Bubble" (Israel)   

HERMINE (Happy Holiday) in "Quand j'étais gothique" (France)   

CIBELLE (Green Grass) in "L'Age d'Homme" (France)   

BEBEL GILBERTO (Bring Back The Love) in "L'Age d'Homme" (France)   

BEBEL GILBERTO (Simplesmente) in "What Just Happened" (US)   

BEBEL GILBERTO (River Song) in "Romancing The Bride" (US)   

SUSSAN DEYHIM (Gereley) in "Love Life" (Germany)   

TARTIT (Eha Ehenia) in "Dambé - The Mali Project" (Ireland)   

MAHALA RAI BANDA (Mahalageasca) in "Hitler Kaputt" (Russia)   

KOCANI ORKESTAR (Siki, Siki Baba) in "Borat" (US)   

MAHALA RAI BANDA (Mahalageasca) in "Borat" (US)           

MAHALA RAI BANDA (Mahalageasca) in "Two Super Film Birden" (Turkey)   

SHANTEL (Disko Boy) in the short film "C'est Dimanche" (France)   

FLAT EARTH SOCIETY in "My Queen Karo" (NL)  

BALKAN BEAT BOX (Digital Monkey) in "Au Voleur" (France)


TV/web productions & series


JUANA MOLINA in "Fear The Walking Dead" (US) and "The Mayans" (US) 
ACID ARAB and BALKAN BEAT BOX in "Agent Immobilier" (FR)
AQUASERGE in "L'Age de la Tortue" (FR) 
MATIAS AGUAYO & THE DESDEMONAS in "Luis Miguel Project" (Mexico)   
STAFF BENDA BILILI in "Catastrophe 3" (US)  
SKIP&DIE and SOAPKILLS in "Cannabis" (FR)
FAUNA TWIN (Water on Mars) in "Graceland" (US)  
KASAI ALLSTARS in "Weedtiquette" for VICE (US)  
KONONO No.1 in "State of Undress" for VICE (US)    
JUANA MOLINA (Dar) in "UnReal" (US)   
CHICHA LIBRE (6 tracks) in "Backroads" (France)  
SKIP&DIE (Señorita) in "Challenge The Obvious" for Vice (NL)   
BENJAMIN KEW in videos for Kaldor Public Arts Project (AU) 
TUXEDOMOON in video for Compagnie Béjart dance performance (France)   
TARAF DE HAIDOUKS  in “A Family Business: The Chaplin Legacy" (UK/France) 
TUXEDOMOON (A Piano Solo) in "Black Box (Franco Dragone)" (Belgium)   

TARAF DE HAIDOUKS (Balada Conducatorolui) in "Adieu, Camarades !" (France)   
SONOKO (Sunny Day) in HBO's "Katie Morgan's Sex Quiz" (US)  
CELSO FONSECA (Perdi) in "United States of Tara" (US) 
KONONO N°1 (Wumbanzanga) in "Playmakers: Milan" documentary (UK)  
ZELWER in ARTE's "Slava's Snowshow" (France) 
MAHALA RAI BANDA (Mahalageasca) in Channel 4's "Secret Millionaire" (UK)  
BEBEL GILBERTO (Close Your Eyes) in "24" (US) 
AKSAK MABOUL in "Family Feast" (Australia)  
MINIMAL COMPACT (Inner Station) in "Cabin Fever" (US)   

KASAI ALLSTARS (Kafuulu Balu) in "My Family Feast" (Australia)   

SHANTEL (Disko Partizani) in "My Family Feast" (Australia)    
BEBEL GILBERTO (August Day Song) in the BBC's "Louis Theroux: Behind Bars" (UK)  
BEBEL GILBERTO (Sem Contençao & Alguem) in "Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip" (US)  
KOCANI ORKESTAR (Alone At My Wedding) in "Legends of Aaahs" (US) 
CIBELLE (Luisas) in "The Reaper" (US)  
BEBEL GILBERTO (Tanto Tempo):  in "Sex & The City" (US)  
ZUCO 103 (Outro Lado): in "Six Feet Under" (US)  
BEBEL GILBERTO (So Nice) in "ER" (US)  
BEBEL GILBERTO (Ceu Distante) in "Medium" (US)  
BEBEL GILBERTO (Winter) in "The OC" (US)  
BEBEL GILBERTO (River Song) in "Romancing The Bride" (USA)  
ZUCO 103 (Nha and Mayfly) in "Sons Of Hollywood" (USA)  
CIBELLE (Dia de Yemanja) in "Six Feet Under" (USA)  
BEBEL GILBERTO (Alguem) in "Smith" (USA)  
BEBEL GILBERTO (Aganju): in "Six Feet Under" (US)  
COLIN NEWMAN (But I…) in the BBC's "Ideal Series" (UK)  
ZELWER (Vassilissa-La-Belle) in the BBC's "Learners" (UK)  
LE PM (Ouvre les yeux) in "The Sopranos" (US)  
ZUCO 103 (Brasil 2000) in "CSI Miami" (US) 


KONONO N°1 (Wumbanzanga) in Konami "Soccer 2011" (Japan)
BALKAN BEAT BOX (Marcha de la Vida) in Konami "Soccer 2011" (Japan)
MAHALA RAI BANDA (Mahalageasca) in Sony's "Little Big Planet" (UK)


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