A devoted practitioner of cultural mashup and an adept of chaos theory, Argentine maverick Axel Krygier presents his fifth album Hombre de Piedra ("Man of Stone"), a real turning point in the path he's been following: unlike his previous records, which were assembled with a collage-like technique, his new one is a concept album, a delirious journey inspired by the French documentary "Lascaux: Le Ciel des Premiers Hommes" (about the famous paleolithic cave paintings). 

To tell the story of this caveman who speeds through the entire history of mankind in fast motion, Axel Krygier has explored new sonic ...


Axel Krygier is back with "Hombre De Piedra", a new album and music video!

The brilliant musician/composer/singer from Buenos Aires tells us the fantastic and hilarious story of a bigfoot from the Stone Age, who travels through the history of mankind, from its early days to the 2.0 era. A delirious road movie about the paradoxes of civilization.

Watch the first music video for the title track "Hombre De Piedra". Shot in his backyard with the help of director Mariano Mucci and visual artist Ian Kornfeld, the video is a combination of HD formats, Super 8 and animation revolving around a map of the sky drawn up by the first painters of mankind.

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AXEL KRYGIER - Hombre de Piedra
Hombre de Piedra

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