A devoted practitioner of cultural mashup and an adept of chaos theory, Argentine maverick Axel Krygier presents his fifth album Hombre de Piedra ("Man of Stone"), a real turning point in the path he's been following: unlike his previous records, which were assembled with a collage-like technique, his new one is a concept album, a delirious journey inspired by the French documentary "Lascaux: Le Ciel des Premiers Hommes" (about the famous paleolithic cave paintings). 

To tell the story of this caveman who speeds through the entire history of mankind in fast motion, Axel Krygier has explored new sonic ...


Axel Krygier: a new kid on the Crammed block

The multi-talented artist is a central figure in the alternative music scene in Argentina, where he's considered as a modern-day Renaissance man:

Axel Krygier has ran the gamut from playing in rock bands, writing scores for acclaimed playwrights, and being a forerunner of the digital cumbia scene… After two acclaimed albums in his own country, "Pesebre" — out on Crammed in September — will be his first international release.

"Axel Krygier's unique sound —a mash-up of jazz, rock, electronica, cumbia, Argentinian folklore and experimental music — makes it easy to succumb to such tempting descriptions as "Atahualpa Yupanqui meets Thelonious Monk, performed by Frank Zappa and remixed by Diplo", but the brush that this composer paints with is even broader than that" (Global Rhythm, US)

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AXEL KRYGIER - Hombre de Piedra
Hombre de Piedra

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