The inimitable, wonderful, bewitching Juana Molina is a deeply original and visionary artist who, like Brian Wilson or Kevin Shields, pulls off the most out-there material with melodies nearly as accessible as conventional pop (Rolling Stone US). She has variously been described as pure genius (Les Inrockuptibles, FR), beguiling (Pitchfork, US), and is said to be one of the most extraordinary singers around (Sunday Times, UK), who is creating a slippery soundtrack for the subconscious (Spin, US) and subtle, unclassifiable sonic magic (Uncut, UK). 

Having joined forces with Crammed Discs in 2013 to put out the acclaimed “Wed 21” album, she’s moved from strength to strength and released the awesome “Halo” in 2017, see press reactions below. 

Halo is Molina’s seventh and strongest LP. She wields a sonic palette refined by two decades of experimentation to create a narrative defined not by words, but by mood. 8/10"


"Her finest yet... Halo dips deep into the unknown and brings back unexpected brilliance" **** 


“Is there a cooler Argentinian than Juana Molina? Endlessly bewitching


"Blues stripped down to an inescapable, inconsolable essence, an otherworldly expression that scrambles time and geography"


“An album veering on genius”

The Sunday Times UK 

"Juana Molina & Aphex Twin: these two monsters share the utmost creativity, magic and irony"

Libération, FR 

"She keeps blazing visionary new trails "

Télérama, FR 

"One feels that mixture of exhilaration, astonishment and wonder that only true genius can inspire"

(Les Inrocks, FR) 

"Her albums keep getting more fascinating and multifaceted… her music is always becoming more headstrong and unmistakable" Spex, DE 

"Another further, important landmark in her journey"  Spiegel, DE

"Mesmerising, from the first to the last second" WDR Kosmo, DE  

"Like Björk and Camille's big sister, she's a strange mermaid who lures listeners with her marvelous vocals and rhythms" Focus Le Vif, BE

Born in Argentina, Juana Molina grew up in a musical environment. Her father, revered tango singer and composer Horacio Molina, gave her guitar lessons from the age of five. Her mother, actress Chunchuna Villafañe, is a committed music lover who initiated Juana to the secrets of her extensive record collection.

Following the military coup of 1976, the Molina family fled the country and lived in exile in Paris for six years. During those formative teenage years in Paris, Juana’s outlook on music was vastly expanded, a.o. by regularly listening to a couple of French radio stations which offered programs featuring music from around the globe.

When Juana returned to Argentina she was determined to become independent and to pursue a career in music. Like so many other 20-somethings, Juana’s career aspirations were, “to earn a good salary for working just a few hours”, in order to keep free time to develop her musicianship. She knew she had a knack for doing imitations, and went to pass an audition for a TV program. She got hired on the spot. Her popularity rose meteorically and, three years later, she had her own comedy show, for which she invented & impersonated a series of hilariously stereotyped characters. The show was a great success, it was syndicated to other Latin American countries and, within just a few years, Juana had become the most popular comedian in Argentina.

Seven years after her TV debut, Juana became pregnant, and had to suspend the show for a few months. She found herself reflecting on her rapid rise to stardom, and thought: "this really isn't what I wanted to do". She took the brave resolution to cancel the show (something that many Argentinians would hold against her for years), and to pick up music again. She started writing and recording songs. She released her first album in 1996, and the reception was more than reserved: her fans would come to her shows, expecting to giggle and laugh, but couldn't quite understand this new "folk singer" character of hers (she kept singing, and the punchline never came…).

Despite these initial difficulties, Juana held out and stuck to her decision. Her passion and commitment to music prevailed, and worldwide recognition began to grow. After the release of her second and 3rd album (which came out on Domino Records, as did the next two), she quickly became the darling of the international indie/electronic/folk scene, and praise began pouring in from admirers in all corners. "Tres Cosas" was placed in the “Top Ten Records of 2004” by The New York Times, she was championed by the likes of David Byrne and Will Oldham, and her music — which, although it features elements of folk, ambient and electronica, is highly unique and personal— was often lazily compared by critics to that of Björk or Beth Orton. But, as the New York Times put it, Ms Molina doesn't imitate anyone. She has too much fun just being herself

Juana Molina has toured extensively in the US, Japan and Europe. Her live performances are a lush sounding as well as visually compelling experience. 


Rara (1996)
Segundo (2000)
Tres cosas (2002)
Son  (2006) 
Un Día (2008) 
Wed 21 (2013) 
Halo (2017)  
Forfun EP (2019)
ANRMAL - Live in Mexico (2020)



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JUANA MOLINA - Segundo - remastered reissue
Segundo - remastered reissue
Wed 21
Un Dia

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