"Inspiring Light"

The debut EP by the Rome-based, Anglo-Italian band was described in the original press release as "This is the music James Bond listens to at home, chillin'out wid a fat spliff. It's not trip-hop, it's not jazz, it's not dub and it's not soundtrack; but it is all of these plus a healthy initiative to explore your head and frazzle your nervous system".

"Yeah, that's got eveything in it " (Gilles Peterson, NME)
"Debbie Harris' superb vocals... the overall feel is that of a carnival... Who needs Prozac with tunes like this around ?" (Muzik)
"Rough beats underlying a lush production topped off with coolly soulful vocals " (Update)
"Totally superior 95% " (Mr C, DJ mag)


PHOSPHORUS - Inspiring Light
Inspiring Light
PHOSPHORUS - Pillar Of Salt
Pillar Of Salt