"Birds Of Passage"

In this second album (1990), the Norwegian trio further develop their unique approach and explore new directions. The core of their sound still blends quasi-folk/rock vocals & songwriting with electronic rhythms, but the colours are changing: trumpets and strings appear, as well as touches of medieval (“Time Without End”), Spanish  (“Continuum”) or Middle-Eastern music (“The Glassmaker”), as well as beats which betrayed a growing affection for dance music.

The album was produced by Gilles Martin & Marc Hollander. Geir Jenssen left the band shortly after this release, to pursue his interest for what was called ambient house at the time, first under the name of Bleep (see SSR), later as Biosphere. Percussionist/pianist  Andreas Eriksen joined Anneli (vocals) and Nils (guitars, mandolin, and from then on the sole synth/programming person) for the live shows of the band.

Bel Canto's music has been described as a mix between the cold and the hot, the radiance of the midnight sun tempered by Polar melancholy...

"Birds Of Passage" made a strong impression, and garnered the band a large and devoted following across Europe, Japan  and North America (where the album was released by Crammed through Nettwerk).


BEL CANTO - White Out Conditions
White Out Conditions
BEL CANTO - Shimmering, Warm & Bright
Shimmering, Warm & Bright
BEL CANTO - Birds Of Passage
Birds Of Passage