"Water Dragon"

Bobvan is a Belgian composer who has been following his own rather eclectic path: he founded Des Airs (one of the first bands on Crammed) , Sacher Muzak ("Gorba The Chief", a club and video hit in the USSR...) and "Twin Freaks", released an ambient/dance album in 91 ("LoonyChip Classics"), and is now turning his attention to new and radical forms of "Electronic Listening Music" with "Water Dragon" , a very dense and acoustically rich album, at the same time abstract and narrative.

Bobvan has travelled back in time to study the techniques developed by the exponents of Musique Concrète in the 50's. His work tries to bring answers to questions such as: why should the sound of hyperspace be repetitive / left-brain style / tempo-driven / quantized ? why should it ignore tension, danger, fear, sorrow, silence?


BOBVAN - LoonyChip Classics (1991)
LoonyChip Classics (1991)
BOBVAN - Water Dragon
Water Dragon