"LoonyChip Classics (1991) "

(Digital reissue)

We're excited to present the first digital release of a fun, imaginative electronic music album, originally released in 1991 on Crammed Discs. Unavailable for a couple of decades, the album has lately enjoyed a growing buzz: mentions on a couple of underground websites in the US have snowballed, and several tracks (including Fulaniize) have been regularly played on internet radios around the globe.

Bobvan aka Bob Vanderbob is a composer, video artist, writer and communication artist based in Brussels. He attended the legendary Creative Music Studio in New York, then founded quirky postpunk group Des Airs (alongside Catherine Jauniaux, Fanchon Nuyens and Stephane Karo), whose mini-album Lunga Notte was recently reissued as part of the Crammed Archives series. Two years after LoonyChip Classics, Bobvan released a second album on Crammed, Water Dragon, which reflected his interest in acousmatic music.


BOBVAN - LoonyChip Classics (1991)
LoonyChip Classics (1991)
BOBVAN - Water Dragon
Water Dragon