"Alien Rainbow "

What have Leroy Vinegar, Kraftwerk, Miles Davis, Wu Tang, Burt Bacharach, Mantronix, My Bloody Valentine, Mozart, Public Enemy, Spacemen 3, The Wolfhounds, Herb Albert, Jesus & Mary Chain, Gary Numan and Andy Williams got in common?

A list of artists this diverse can only be the influences of Elixir, the dense dark innovators on Tony Thorpe's supersonic Language label...

Elixir are a trio of London lads: Steve Jones , Richard Pushong and Martin Stovey. Using a 4 track, the lo-fi bass and guitars of Steve and Richard, and Martin's fattest beats, the result of this unholy alliance became the Elixir project.This twelve features the A-side,"Alien Rainbow", a spookily vocailed downtempo cut with a jazz backdrop, melancholic brass and tough beats.

The flip presents a couple of tripped out gems, "Magic Orange", which is strangely looped trumpet melody and eerie strings. "Return to happiness" brings up the rear with gorgeous soundtracky strings , another sinister vocal sample and a groove designed for a night in front of the rizlas.


ELIXIR - The Phobos Incident
The Phobos Incident
ELIXIR - Dark Spheres
Dark Spheres
ELIXIR - Alien Rainbow
Alien Rainbow