"Megafaun don't just catalog American musical languages, they breed them", writes Pitchfork in a preview of the band's album "Gather, Form & Fly".

The band was built by brothers Brad and Phil Cook and fellow Eau Claire, Wisconsin native Joe Westerlund from the ashes of DeYarmond Edison, the group they had formed with longtime friend Justin "Bon Iver" Vernon.

Megafaun are part of that rare breed of young artists driven by an unquenchable thirst for a wide range of sounds and styles. Pick a song at random, and don’t be surprised to hear delicate Appalachian banjo figures, tumbling Steve Reich ...


Gather foam and Fly

The photo says it all !

In dramatic news that has sent tremors through the world of follically-enhanced American guitar music, Phil Cook from Megafaun has shaven his beard off.

In a band statement Megafaun have issued a rallying cry to fans, sales reps and PRs across the world left bemused and shaken by the band's unprecedented stylistic shift: "We can no longer be defined as "beard-folk", the statement reads. "From here on out, we will go by "folk-rock".

Pictoral evidence has emerged, which you can study for yourself above. However we call upon eye witnesses to confirm this by attending one of Megafaun's forthcoming summer shows in Europe (by which time, of course, he may have grown it back again)

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MEGAFAUN - Heretofore (mini-album)
Heretofore (mini-album)
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Gather, Form & Fly
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Kaufman's Ballad/Wreck On The Highway

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