One of the most fascinating bands from the hugely creative Brooklyn/NYC scene of recent times, Skeletons create intense, original and revelatory music, working a globe-spanning realm of inspirations into a singular and colourful vision of guitar-based songcraft.

Led by Matt Mehlan and his long-term collaborators Jason McMahon and Jonathan Leland, Skeletons have spent the last few years touring their potent live show all around, releasing a string of bold, beautifully recorded albums in the process.

“People”, their new album, co-mixed by Rusty Santos (also known for his work with Owen Pallett and Animal Collective/Panda ...


Skeletons tour Europe & give away TWO tracks

The fascinating Brooklyn/NYC band plays 7 shows between Oct 11 and 18…

…to support their recently-released album "People", which was acclaimed by European & US press alike (see quotes below).

Skeletons and Crammed Discs are giving away free mp3s of two tracks, captured live at Glasslands, Brooklyn by the good folks at NYC Tape: 

* "Paint Over It", an epic 14-minute rendition of a previously-unrecorded track
* "Wal-Mart and the Ghost of Jimmy Damour", a live version of the song from the 'People' album (it's one of the tales written by Matt Mehlan & based on true stories read in the papers).      

Just click
here to access the download page for these tracks

Skeletons October tour dates :

Oct 11: Utrecht (Netherlands), Ekko -  with The Luyas and Zun Zun Egui
Oct 12: Rotterdam (Netherlands), Worm - with The Luyas
Oct 13: Paris (France), Petit Bain
Oct 14: Duedingen (Switzerland), Bad Bonn
Oct 15: St. Gallen (Switzerland), Palace
Oct 16: Berlin (Germany), Hebbel Am Ufer 2 - with Lucky Dragons
Oct 18: Gent (Belgium), Cafe Vooruit

In other news:

- Skeletons leader Matt Mehlan has recently taken an essential part in the  Congotronics vs Rockers project. Alongside Deerhoof, Konono No.1, Juana Molina, Kasai Allstars and Wildbirds & Peacedrums, Matt was a member of the collaborative ensemble which performed 16 fantastic shows in ten countries across Europe and Japan

- Matt Mehlan has also recently had the pleasure of being commissioned by the Brooklyn Philharmonic to write a string quartet, which was performed at the Brooklyn Museum. He's now rumoured to be working on a full orchestral piece….

- Also, don't forget this intriguing  video for "More Than The One Thing" :

click HERE

From the press on the Skeletons album "People"

Skeletons drink from a similar pool of inspiration as fellow New Yorkers Dirty Projectors and Animal Collective, although as with both these bands, they don't strictly resemble any one thing, exactly. People reveals them to be a peculiar chimera of influence, blending Afro-pop, Krautrock and jazz fusion with unlikely ease.  (Uncut, UK)

"People" gives the impression of redefining the contours of rock, no less.
(Pop News, France)

A quintessential New York amalgam, guided by a fluttery art-jazz shimmer, a minimalist aesthetic, a grab bag of post-punk grooves and those disjunctive melodies currently turning the underground into a 12-tone headlock… a mix of circular rhythms and Graceland-gone-avant cheer (The Village Voice, US)

A dense, challenging listen, one that’s grounded in reality and ever so more compelling as a result of it. (Pop Matters, US)

"People" is beauty without perfection. This album is a masterpiece. A powerful and already seminal sonic maelstrom which alludes to the dissonances of Schoenberg, the rhythmic passion of Fela Kuti, the shadow of Can, the acoustic introspections of John Fahey, and a spirit shared with Animal Collective (…) … an amazing stage presence and passionate live presentation of their music… (Magic, France)

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