One of the most imaginative artists around, Cibelle (pronounced "See-bell-ee") first came to attention as the main vocalist on the late Suba's cult São Paulo Confessions album.

Her self-titled debut album came out in 2003, and immediately established her as  the most talented and original young artist to come out of Brazil.

Building on its success and critical acclaim, her second album "The Shine of Dried Electric Leaves" incorporated a full and rich palette of instruments with captivating textural soundscapes and enchanting storytelling. ...


Cibelle's massive installation for Melissa Shoes

Cibelle has been asked by Melissa, the well-known Brazilian shoe brand, to collaborate on a special limited edition shoe called Sapato Azul ("Blue Shoe"), after Cibelle's song from her last album "Las Venus Resort Palace Hotel".

Cibelle has shot a wild video and prepared a huge installation for the Melissa art gallery in São Paulo, to be launched on October 19th in São Paulo!

The installation will give life to some of the imaginary "Products For A Better Life" created by Cibelle's doppelganger Sonja Khalecallon, in the parallel universe of the Las Venus Resort Palace Hotel… 
(as scifi novelist Bruce Sterling recently wrote on the WIRED blog: "When you’re a diva like Cibelle, and you’ve got a scifi nutcase apocalyptic diva as your avatar, man, that sure fertilizes your eccentricity. It’s like Bowie doing Ziggy Stardust.").

Here's a shot from the video (to be viewed here soon):

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