1. Virage Sud
2. L'ire est au rendez-vous
3. My Funny Valentine
4. La ligue anti jazz-rock (intro)
5. C'est pas tout mais
6. Travelling
7. Tintin on est bien mon loulou (extrait)

With its shades of French film music, psych rock & free jazz, the hyper-imaginative sound of experimental pop band Aquaserge takes on an even wilder dimension on stage, and they're viewed as one of today's most exciting live bands.

In the wake of 2017's acclaimed Laisse ça être album, here's an opportunity to enjoy a slightly jazzier version of Aquaserge's tremendous live sound. Déjà-Vous? ('you, already?') was created from recordings made during several shows in 2016 and 2017, for which the band was augmented by the 3-piece horn section which plays with them on specific occasions. 

contains live renditions of eight tracks: four from Laisse ça être, three from the band's previous releases, and an impromptu version of the jazz standard 'My Funny Valentine'. Most songs have been thoroughly rearranged for the occasion, and some of the pieces were used as source material for some interesting editing work, on the B-side of the LP.

A well-kept secret until recently, Aquaserge has been a subterranean driving force in the international music scene, inspiring and influencing many musicians. The band’s members have also been involved with Tame Impala, Stereolab, Melody's Echo Chamber, Aksak Maboul and Acid Mothers Temple.

Their latest studio album Laisse ça être appeared in 'Best of 2017' lists in The Quietus, Pulp Lab, Cast The Dice (UK), Libération, Magic, Benzine (FR), Projektor (PL), Radio 1/Wonderland (BE), Musikexpress (DE) & more.

More details on the recordings: the four tracks from Laisse ça être were recorded at a benefit concert held in the Parisian suburb of Montreuil in November 2017. On that occasion, tenor sax player Robin Fincker was unavailable, so flautist Sylvaine Hélary (who has recently worked with Steve Coleman) joined Benjamin Kelchtermans (sax) and Sébastien Cirotteau (trumpet) in Aquaserge’s “optional” horn section. The other four tracks come from a French tour with the horn section, in early 2016.

Aquaserge’s core line-up consists of Benjamin Glibert (guitar & vocals), Julien Gasc (keys & vocals), Audrey Ginestet (bass & vocals), Manon Glibert (clarinets), and Julien Chamla (drums).   

From the press on Aquaserge's Laisse ça être album

Like a cratedigger’s fantasy band, Aquaserge mine a colourful seam of psych-rock, jazz and Afrobeat… recalls the sophisticated middle ground where Tortoise and Stereolab once met.
(Uncut, UK) 

Aquaserge's sound is global, cosmic and genuinely kaleidoscopic… densely packed with ideas, mathematically precise, boldly anarchic about ignoring borders and boundaries of every kind, and dazzling with joyful weirdness.
(The Wire, UK)

The record bridges the long history of psych, sitting atop a prism where Stereolab, Os Mutantes, and Hot Rats intersect. But beyond any such forebears, Laisse has its own thing going on.
(Tiny Mix Tapes, US)

A musical galaxy in perpetual movement. One of the most exciting exploration labs in the French scene. A genius album.
(Les Inrockuptibles, FR)

Aquaserge hangs their creative hat heavily on the surrealists and Canterbury scene. 
(SFSonic, US)

An absolute joy. One of this year's most original and enjoyable records. 
(Shindig, UK)

A fine introduction to a wonderful and experimental band. 
(Monocle, UK)

A journey full of delicious quirks.
(The Line of Best Fit, UK)

One of the most daring and accomplished albums we've heard in many years 
(France Culture, FR)


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