ZITA SWOON GROUP has released a stunning new video,

ZITA SWOON GROUP has released a stunning new video, "A Sera, A Waara", to celebrate their Fall 2012 European Tour.

"A Sera, A Waara" tells the story the difficulties of a broken heart, but offers hope through the moving energetic scenes in a baroque caravan.

The group is on the road this Fall with the magic of their highly acclaimed disc "Wait For Me", the meeting of Stef Kamil Carlens and his Belgian collective Zita Swoon Group with Burkinabe vocalist Awa Démé and balafon player Mamadou Diabaté Kibié. Their sound is a mixture of raw acoustic blues, folk and the traditional Mandingo music from West-Africa. Awa Démé sings in Bambara, Stef Kamil Carlens in English and French.

 "An original, thought-provoking excursion" (Uncut, UK)

"A powerful, refined and mischievous album and live show" (Vibrations, FR)

"Inventive and sparkling"
(Télérama, FR)

"A shamanic experience... the great return of Stef Kamil Carlens, a modern-day hero" (Magic, FR)

"Zita Swoon Group tear up the rule book... great stuff"
(New Internationalist, UK)

"This is exactly what the album is; a struggle to marry distinct elements (and not just musical ones, but social and cultural ones as well) that overwhelmingly succeeds and triumphs in doing so. 8/10"
(Pop Matters, US)

“In one sentence: A concert that, despite the often serious content of the songs, burst with vitality and joy of life and confirmed that music bridges all cultural and verbal gaps.”
(Knack Focus, BE)

“A concert like a sunrise.”
 (De Morgen, BE)

Don't miss this unique concerts series coming to a town near you:

22/10 NL Breda Mezz
25/10 NL Enschede Atak
31/10 NL Amsterdam Paradiso
01/11 NL Den Haag Paard Van Troye
02/11 NL Groningen Vera
03/11 NL Dordrecht Bibelot
04/11 NL Deventer Burgerweeshuis
16/11 FR Massy Paul B
17/11 BE Marche Maison de la Culture Famenne-Ardenne
18/11 BE Brussels Cinematek

But it doesn't stop there!
There are some dates already announced for 2013:

06/02 BE Aarschot CC Gasthuis
15/02 BE Strombeek CC Strombeek
16/02 BE Ath Maison Culturelle d Ath
22/02 BE Louvain-La-Neuve Ferme Du Biereau
27/02 BE Antwerpen De Roma
Maïa Vidal nominated for the UK Music Video Awards 2012 next to Lana Del Rey, Rihanna & Justice

Maïa Vidal nominated for the UK Music Video Awards 2012 next to Lana Del Rey, Rihanna & Justice

Maïa Vidal's dreamy, mysterious video reinterpretation of her single "Follow Me", in the running for the "Best Pop Video – International" award

The UK Music Video awards site has announced the final nominees for the "Best Pop Video – International" award, and Crammed Discs' Maïa Vidal is one of the 4 nominees for the "Best Pop Video – International" award!

This enticing video for her single "Follow Me", shot near Barcelona and directed by Joana Colomar, turns the script originally depicted in the lyrics into a dream-like parable, loosely inspired by one of the Brothers Grimm tales.

With a number of high profile international concerts and placement of her music in ads for such brands as Desigual and Ikea, Maïa is winning many ears over to her unique sound. 

Maïa is still sharing the magic of her live show in Europe this fall. See the dates here.

Cumbia rockers La Chiva Gantiva's fun new video

Cumbia rockers La Chiva Gantiva's fun new video "Apretao"...

…shows them pursuing shamans, wrestlers and tennis players in search of new stage outfits.

Apretao conveys the playfulness and energy of the band's celebrated album & live show. We follow bandleader Rafael Espinel as he wanders in the city and meets a bunch of strange characters, before sharing his sartorial finds with the band and launching into a final, dishevelled jam.

La Chiva Gantiva's performance at the River of Music Festival during the London Olympics was described by The Times as one of the high points of the event:

"For sheer rabble-rousing lust for life, La Chiva Gantiva took first prize. A multicultural group of mostly Colombian exiles based in Brussels, they produced a frenetic carnival-punk racket that detonated like a Molotov cocktail of rock, rap, soul and ferociously funky Latin rhythms. Whippet-thin and explosively hairy, their livewire singer Rafael Espinel electrified the sun-weary crowd with his irrepressible energy and charisma",

while Uncut (UK) wrote about their debut album "Pelao":

"It seems a fair guess that Joe Strummer would have loved La Chiva Gantiva. A joyous ramshackle racket that interweaves clattery Latin rhythms with dishevelled funk, rock and jazz elements in a similarly frenetic style to other deracinated roots-punk acts like Gogol Bordello or Manu Chao. This lively debut is awash with bone-shaking carnival punk-funk grooves",

and London mag Monocle said:  

"Kaboom! Tish! There's a lot going on in this hot-blooded mess that features a UN-tastic personnel. Restless, arresting, addictive"

The French press has been just as enthusiastic: 

"Une bombe incendiaire de groove latino" (Libération)

"Fusion déjantée de traditions afro-colombiennes (porro, cumbia), de funk et d'énergie rock, ce groupe bruxellois multi-ethnique (trois Colombiens, trois Européens et un Vietnamien) réveille les articulations du Vieux-Continent. Façon pogo plutôt que danse de salon" (Vibrations)
and MTV Iggy's just published an article on the band, in which they describe La Chiva Gantiva as "one of the dopest new Colombian bands around" !!!

Don't miss their upcoming shows!

STAFF BENDA BILILI : Behind the Scenes

STAFF BENDA BILILI : Behind the Scenes

Staff Benda Bilili Get ready to "make the world shake" by sharing with us scenes from the creation of their new album "Bouger le Monde !" WATCH THE VIDEO HERE!

Set to the new single "Osali Mabe" & filmed in Kinshasa at Ricky's house and at the historic Renapec studio, this new video gives us a look into their daily lives: rehearsals, friends, and the work involved with the creation of this new album to be released on September 3rd.

Don't miss their explosive live show near you , including their first tour in the States!

07/07/2012 DK Roskilde Roskilde Festival

15/07/2012 CZ OSTRAVA Colours of Ostrava

17/07/2012 CH St Gallen Kulturfestival

22/07/2012 GB London River Of Music - Africa Stage

28/07/2012 FR Vic-Fezensac Tempo Latino

02/08/2012 FR Carcassonne Square Andre Chenier

04/08/2012 BE Floreffe Esperanzah

05/08/2012 FR La Petite Pierre Au gres du jazz

10/08/2012 FR Les Vans Festival Ard'Afrique

31/08/2012 GB Aldeburgh Snape Maltings / Snape Proms 2012

02/09/2012 IE Stradbally Electric Picnic

06/09/2012 GB London BBC Prom 74 / Royal Albert Hall

08/09/2012 FR Guyancourt

26/09/2012 FR Dijon Tribu Festival

27/09/2012 FR Sannois EMB

03/10/2012 NL Breda Chasse Theater

04/10/2012 NL Utrecht Tivoli
05/10/2012 NL Nijmegen Stadsschouwburg Nijmegen

06/10/2012 NL Rotterdam Oude Luxor

09/10/2012 NL Leiden Stadsgehoorzaal Leiden

10/10/2012 FR Nancy Nancy Jazz Pulsations

11/10/2012 NL Drachten Schouwburg De Lawei

12/10/2012 NL Zwolle Theater De Spiegel

15/10/2012 CA Montreal

16/10/2012 US Asheville North Carolina State University

17/10/2012 US Boston ICA | The Institute of Contemporary Art

18/10/2012 US New-York Symphony Space

19/10/2012 US Sorrs, Connecticut Jorgensen Centre

20/10/2012 US Wilmington, Delaware Opera House

21/10/2012 US Washington DC, The Howard

23/10/2012 US San Diego Universtity of California

24/10/2012 US Los Angeles

25/10/2012 US San Fransisco Slims

27/10/2012 US Seattle Town Hall

28/10/2012 CA Vancouver Seymour 560
SKIP&DIE: New Crammed Artist, New Single

SKIP&DIE: New Crammed Artist, New Single

SKIP&DIE, the sensational new genre-blending band, formed by South African vocalist / visual artist Catarina Aimée Dahms (aka Cata.Pirata) and Dutch producer Jori Collignon (C-Mon & Kypski, Nobody Beats The Drum), have unveiled 'LOVE JIHAD', the first new track from their upcoming debut album 'Riots in the Jungle'.

Entitled  "Riots in the Jungle", the album was written by Cata.Pirata and Crypto.Jori
while traveling through South Africa’s Soweto, Johannesburg, Cape Town and Guguletu, collaborating along the way with some of SA’s most inspiring music-makers on the rise. The album portrays their experience of blazing sun, dusty roads, township shacks, cockroaches, riots, skulls, bones and lovebirds. 
It contains songs in English, Afrikaans, Xhosa, Zulu, Spanish and Portuguese. 

Catch this energy live !


16/6 Festival Mundial, Tilburg
1/7 Metropolis, Rotterdam
6/7 PITCH, Amsterdam
7/7 Burgerweeshuis, Deventer
13/7 Stekkerfest, Utrecht
14/7 Dijkpop, Andijk
22/7 Milkshake, Amsterdam
28/7 Jam de la Creme, Scheveningen

"Riots in the Jungle" will be coming out in October 2012 on Crammed Discs.

R.I.P. Ilie Iorga, singer and Taraf de Haidouks mainstay

R.I.P. Ilie Iorga, singer and Taraf de Haidouks mainstay

See that thin little man, standing among all these musicians who brandish their respective instruments and seem to concentrate on adopting the most attractive pose for this group picture.

He smiles broadly, and strangely holds his hand behind his ear, as if he's trying to hear, what? The photographer's flash, or his instructions? He seems happy, despite the obvious discomfort —attested by his slightly plum-coloured complexion— of being thusly dressed up, with this superb violet stanton hat chosen for him by the dresser, for the fashion show which is to take place right after the photo session. Happy, with a twinkle in his eye, yet extremely discreet. No one knows what his thoughts are at this very moment, or whether he's really conscious of being there, standing between his old friend Marin, his son-in-law Costica, and all the other members of the Taraf de Haïdouks.

This man went away forever a few days ago. He spoke until his voice and breath died away, and then raised his hand, as if he meant to signify "it's enough". He was born on the 15th of November 1928, his name was Ilie Iorga, they sometimes called him Ilie Paputsoi. A singer, a minstrel, a troubadour, recognized by all as one of the last depositaries of that treasure of ancient Romanian music: epic songs, love songs, bawdy, poetic, pastoral and sometimes even patriotic songs. This man passed through the most part of a century and its wars, upheavals and transformations, without ever losing his courtesy, his natural kindness and his gentleman-like manners: "Ca un dom", as they would say in Romanian. He spent 60 years singing his vast repertoire, and takes away with him an innumerable wealth of poetry and musical knowledge.

Always standing in a very upright posture, his slightly stiff figure gave out the impression that "life is something serious", and conferred to his ballads a solemn gravity, a sense that "this is too true to be only poetry", only to be sweetened by the modulations of his voice. Towards the end, his hearing became impaired, yet he kept singing in tune, without noticing the mischievous yet affectionate tricks played on him by his bandmates, who sometimes changed keys in order to confuse him, a tough game often played by Gypsy wedding musicians, who love to trap their peers, even in the midst of a public performance.

He loved everything —except what doesn't deserve to be loved— and never worried about his health. Now he really has no more reason to be worried, neither about himself nor about us.


STAFF BENDA BILILI announce their new album!

STAFF BENDA BILILI announce their new album!

STAFF BENDA BILILI are set to "make the world shake" with their new album set for release in September. Listen to the first single here!
in 2009, STAFF BENDA BILILI, the Congolese group made up of paraplegic street musicians, ignited their conquest of the world with their album, "Très Très Fort". The international media were charmed by their enchanting music, their relentless energy and uplifting optimism. STAFF BENDA BILILI have become a symbol of triumph over adversity, a true source of inspiration for the increasingly large audiences which fill up their concerts across Europe, Australia and Japan.

Released in movie theatres and on the television, the feature film dedicated to the story of the group has achieved a high level of success, and the album "Très Très Fort" has won many awards.

STAFF BENDA BILILI have just finished recording their new album, which will be released on Crammed Discs in September of 2012. Titled "Bouger le Monde" ("Make the World Shake"), the album bears witness to the spectacular evolution of the band, and its intent to keep making... the world shake!

The first single from the disc, "Osali Mabe", comes out in the beginning of this May
(LIsten to it HERE!)

and the group just started their European Spring 2012 tour.

Video Premiere of Maïa Vidal's

Video Premiere of Maïa Vidal's "Follow Me"

A wolf in sheep's clothing, Maïa Vidal presents an enticing video reinterpretation of her single "Follow Me", which turns the script originally depicted in the lyrics into a dreamy, mysterious parable, loosely inspired by one of the Brothers Grimm tales.

The video was shot near Barcelona and directed by Joana Colomar.

With a number of high profile international concerts and placement of her music in ads for such brands as Desigual and Ikea, Maïa is winning many ears over to her unique sound.  

Maïa will be performing all around Europe this spring and summer. See the dates here

Passons à la VF:
Dans sa nouvelle vidéo "Follow Me", Maïa Vidal détourne le texte de sa chanson: la fille quelque peu prédatrice qui aborde les garçons a fait place à une parabole mystérieuse, une rêverie inspirée par un conte de Grimm ("Le loup et les sept chevreaux").

Réalisé par Joana Colomar, le clip a été tourné près de Barcelone.

Nul besoin de montrer patte blanche pour voir Maïa Vidal aux Nuits Botanique le 16/5, à Europavox (Clermont-Ferrand) le 26/5, ou à Barcelone, Athènes ou Amsterdam…

(toutes les dates sont ici)

Springtime for BALOJI & MAÏA VIDAL

Springtime for BALOJI & MAÏA VIDAL

Two of our budding artists, Baloji and Maïa Vidal, will be blooming at the ¨Printemps de Bourges" festival this weekend.
Maïa will play Thursday the 26th at L'Auditorium & Baloji will play the 28th at Le 22 Ouest.

The photo is from their first encounter, where they traded their respective albums!

Click here for tickets and more information.

BBB launch

BBB launch "GIVE" : Live in Europe

To celebrate the release of their brilliant new album, "Give", BBB (Balkan Beat Box) play a series of concerts starting the 13th of April in Vienna!

Be sure to catch this energetic live show in the city near you !

13/04 AT Vienna Flex

14/04 IT Bologna Estragon

15/04 IT Trieste Teatro Miela

17/04 HR Zagreb Aquarius

18/04 DE Munich Freiheiz

19/04 FR PARIS Cabaret Sauvage

20/04 FR Toulouse Le Bikini

21/04 FR Grenoble CNAC Le Magasin

22/04 DE Cologne Gloria / Funkhaus Europa

10/05 DE Bielefeld Forum

11/05 DK Copenhagen Pumpehuset

12/05 DE Berlin Lido

13/05 BE Gent Vooruit

15/05 GB Manchester Band On the Wall

16/05 GB Glasgow ABC 2

17/05 GB London Islington Academy

18/05 GB Brighton Concorde 2

19/05 FR Lille Fivestival

Here's what the press says:

‘It’s ridiculously exciting’ -WORD (UK)

‘BBB are as outspoken and uncompromising as ever. It’s hard to resist the album’s intensity’ -SONGLINES (UK)

‘BBB are a party band. Most of the songs here could apply could apply for the job of director of getting the party started and expect to be hired on the spot’ -SUNDAY TIMES (UK)

'BBB kick against rich pricks on most electro-focused LP to date' -SPIN (US)

'The explosive trio are at their provocative and edgly best again, with their mashup of all things exotic, eclectic and politcally-sensitive' -ROLLING STONE (South Africa)

‘This is hip-hop that takes no prisoners, and is passionate and determined…The band still makes sure the party’s on the floor, but this time they want everyone to think as well as dance’’ - EMUSIC.COM

‘It’s great ribald, wild party music where anything goes from gypsy music to dub… the roots riot upgraded to the 21st century" -LOUDERTHANWAR (UK)

'Imbibing influences from Curtis Mayfield to Bob Marley, 50s guitar licks, punk bass lines, Eastern Eutropean rhythms, reggaeton and dubstep — you name it, BBB leap out highly inebriated... ...Spare, ironic lyrics, hand in hand with deeply witty music... There is not a single track that misses the mark'  -ROCK'NREEL (UK)

'M.I.A. rencontre Asian Dub Foundation ou un Goran Bregovic hip-hop... Difficile de résister à la bonne humeur politique de BBB ! Et pourquoi ne pas danser de façon responsable cette année ?' -MUSICZINE (BE)

Get you own copy of this slamming new album here!

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