Crammed has released over 250 albums and 250 singles by artists from all over the world, ranging from Aksak Maboul to Bel Canto, Carl Craig, DJ Morpheus (& the Freezone series), Eddie Fowlkes, Flat Earth Society, The Gruesome Twosome, The Honeymoon Killers (let's skip some letters) ... to Snooze, Suba, Tek 9 & 4hero, Zap Mama, Hector Zazou and Zuco 103 ...

Crammed's sub-labels have included the Made To Measure composers' series, world music collection Cramworld, electronic music imprints SSR, Language & Selector, and Ziriguiboom, a collection devoted to new Brazilian music. Nowadays, Crammed would like to believe that borders between genres are no longer indispensable, so most releases tend to come out under the simple "Crammed" banner.

Crammed's current roster includes Konono N°1, Cibelle, Koçani Orkestar, Taraf de Haidouks, Bebel Gilberto, Balkan Beat Box, DJ Dolores, Tuxedomoon, Shantel, Kasai Allstars, Think Of One, Mahala Rai Banda, newcomers Lonely Drifter Karen & Allá, and more.


Introducing... Cibelle as Sonja Khalecallon

The world has ended. All that's left is a jungle on a floating rock where a paradise nightclub band is playing at the last cabaret on earth: the Las Vênus Resort Palace Hotel.

Cibelle in: 'Lightworks' from Crammed Discs on Vimeo.

The London-based tropical punkster gives us a tasty morsel for her glorious technicolour new album, for which she adopts the role of Sonja Khalecallon, a singer at the last cabaret at the end of the world.

Check this video for 'Lightworks', Cibelle's addictive take on a 1960s cosmetics advert jingle composed by electronic pioneer Raymond Scott.

Cibelle's new album is entitled 'Las Vênus Resort Palace Hotel', more info here.

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