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Crammed's sub-labels have included the Made To Measure composers' series, world music collection Cramworld, electronic music imprints SSR, Language & Selector, and Ziriguiboom, a collection devoted to new Brazilian music. Nowadays, Crammed would like to believe that borders between genres are no longer indispensable, so most releases tend to come out under the simple "Crammed" banner.

Crammed's current roster includes Konono N°1, Cibelle, Koçani Orkestar, Taraf de Haidouks, Bebel Gilberto, Balkan Beat Box, DJ Dolores, Tuxedomoon, Shantel, Kasai Allstars, Think Of One, Mahala Rai Banda, newcomers Lonely Drifter Karen & Allá, and more.


Hoquets To Shake France

Belgium's most extravagant band are back, with their otherworldly indie punk funk songs, Belgo-centric tales and spectacular self-made instruments...

... and will be bringing their wild show to the four corners of France in November:

05.11 • BAVAY, Festival 'Le Fond du Placard'
12.11 • METZ, Festival 'Musiques Volantes'
16.11 • AMIENS, la Lune des Pirates
17.11 • EVREUX, l'Abordage
18.11 • LE MANS, Festival Bebop w/ Alborosie, Alpha Blondy
19.11 • BREST, 'Festival Invisible', la Carène w/ Matthieu Boogaerts
20.11 • CHOLET, le Barouf w/ Piano Chat
21.11 • SAINTES, la Chapelle
22.11 • PAU, la Centrifugeuse
23.11 • BAYONNE, le Microscope
24.11 • BORDEAUX, le Saint Ex
25.11 • PERIGUEUX, la Bartola

"Belgotronics", their acclaimed debut album, was released last spring in mainland Europe, and is due to come out in the UK and North America in early 2012. 

The album was performed and produced by Hoquets (aka Maxime Lê Hung, François Schulz and McCloud Zicmuse), and  mixed by Marc Meliá Sobrevias  (Lonely Drifter Karen), Greg Saunier (Deerhoof) and regular Deerhoof collaborator Etienne Foyer.

After extensively touring through the spring & summer, and taking part in some of the Congotronics vs Rockers shows (alongside Konono No.1, Deerhoof, Juana Molina et al), Hoquets took a well-deserved break and are now back in full force after their week-long invasion of Spain at the end of October.


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