"Tags Of The Times"

Alongside the release of The Beyond Real Experience, and in the wake of Phax'n'Phixion, SSR is pursuing its exploration of the new trends in underground hip hop with the release of Tags of Times version 2.0 .

Tags Of The Times brings together a host of underground talents, mostly from the USA but also from Japan and Finland. The project features twelve previously-unreleased, exclusive joints by the likes of Mike Ladd & Company Flow, J-Treds & Shawn J.Period, Talib Kweli & Makeba Mooncycle, El Da Sensei, Blackmarkit, Deaf 2 U, The Grouch (Living Legends), Apani B-Fly Emcee, Rubberoom and many more.

This project was originated and developed by Mary Joy Recordings, a Tokyo-based independent label which plays a key role in Japan's massive underground hip hop scene.


01. "150% Sure" - BLACKMARKIT
Every true hip hop headz in N.Y knows that the BLACKMARKIT is ready to explode. The producer is Caspa who has also produced for ORGANIZED KONFUSION.

02. "What I Do" - THE GROUCH
Many agree that the illest producer among the LIVING LEGENDS crew is THE GROUCH. And this funk is simply off the hook.

03. "Narcotic" - APANI B-FLY EMCEE
Most respected female MC in N.Y's underground scene, APANI B-FLY MC blessed the album with this serious joint. In her own words; "this joint is the best shit I've ever done". Produced by Q-Boro's best kept secret, Mike One.

04. "Brothas Ain't Got It" - EL DA SENSEI
The original ARTIFACTS emcee is back in full effect. If you've already heard his "Under Pressure" joint, hold your breath till you hear this one, then say "daaaaamn!". Tasty cuts by DJ Kaos and the beats by P-Original who also produced "Under Pressure".

05. "Caution" - DEAF 2 U
DEAF 2 U is definitely the next big thing from Long Island. Produced by Mr.Walt from Da Beatminerz.

06. "Never Too Much" - J TREDS J-TREDS
produced by SHAWN J PERIOD. Nuff said.

07. "Metamorphosis" - JUKKA aka DJ YUUGA
Finland's illest hip hop producer JUKKA worked the skit.

08. "Ecdysis (Terrorcotta Mix)" - SHINGO2
Introducing the most controversial of all Japanese MCs, SHINGO2. Kicking some deep lyrics on a bugged-out beat with his Oakland-based crew TERRACOTTA TROOPS.

09. "2 Reasons" - MURS & ASOP

10. "Evil I" - RUBBEROOM
Dark and futuristic RUBBEROOM from Chicago goes even deeper into the illest side of the ghetto. Wicked.

11. "Bladerunners (Company Flow Mix)" - MIKE LADD feat. COMPANY FLOW
Don't be confused with the same title in the EARGASMS compilation, because this one is totally re-destroyed by EL-P and BIG. JUS of COMPANY FLOW. Certainly not for the weak-minded.

12. "Empty Room & Winding Windows" - JUKKA aka DJ YUUGA

13. "Lunchroom Classics" - MAKEBA MOONCYCLE and TALIB KWELI of Reflection Eternal
TALIB KWELI and MAKEBA MOONCYCLE reflecting their life on the laid back but ultra-sharp production by J RAWLS.


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