"Moving House@ Food Club "

For the final volume of SSR's series of classy, quality house music, compiler Geoffroy took us  to Food, Belgium's (and certainly one of Europe's) best house club, for a steaming live mix session featuring his favourite cuts of the moment (by Maurice Fulton, Ben Mitchell, Erot, Phuture Retro, Phil Asher & many more).

From the original press release:

track by track

01 ISOLEE " Beau Mot Plage" This German producer is a refreshing little wonder in a formulaic world. His track on MH has been charted by people such as François Kevorkian, Joe Claussell, Blaze and is actually a deep distorted techno track in the vein of Basic Channell but with a more musical edge. Expect an album soon on the excellent Playhouse imprint.

02 BUGZ IN THE ATTIC "Stop" (previously unreleased) This mighty West-London crew formed by Orin Walters, James Eade, Daz-I-Kue, Keidi Tatham, Scott & Phountzi have given a previously unreleased track. The Bugz are tipped for great things in '99. They've been producing excellent tracks in the Masters At Work/Mood 2 Swing style but adding their twist to it on labels such as Sole, Junior Boys Own, Afroart, BITA Sweet, Laws of Motion, Resolution under various pseudonyms: Modaji, Spank da Monkey, Afronaught,...

03 MAURICE FULTON presents JACKIE SANGSTER "You Give Me Good Feelin'" This Baltimore-based producer was an early hip-hop DJ who moved into house and garage with the Basement Boys production team and has now changed to a more breakbeat oriented house production in solo; numerous tracks on Pagan, Imperial, Puu, and his own Real Time imprint have established him as one of the most interesting and prolific US producers (see also Telex "I (still) Don't Like Music"). Here he lays down some early Murk kind of style on the superb vocal of Jackie Sangster.

04 GUS GUS "VIP" (instrumental) Gus Gus are an Icelandic pop-dance group that have produced a great album for 99; soon to be released on 4AD, they're going to tour a lot and this track is the instrumental version of their next single. This version is a jazzy instrumental, a sort of cross-over between the production style of Glenn Underground and Masters at Work; it has been released on very limited quantities and thus is still very rare.

05 CHEZ DAMIER "Can You Feel It" Chez Damier is with Ron Trent the co-founder of one of the most influential house labels of the late nineties, Prescription Underground. He has made music since the eighties and still is producing top underground house. This track is a remix of his KMS classic (already featured on MH3) by Ben Mitchell, the engineer behind Faze Action and the Idjut Boys and the key behind the new disco sound of London due to his old disco mixing desk; he has just started to produce and remix under his own name.

06 MR GONE "Mosquito Coast '98" (Down To The Bone Club Mix) This track has been charted by people such as Gilles Peterson, Phil Asher (who compiled it for the Jazz In The House series on Slip'n'Slide), and Bob Jones. This is a remix of it by Down To The Bone who take it into a breakbeat driven house mix.

07 THE PERSUADER "Slussen" (Erot Go Dub Remix) The Persuader is Scandinavia's Jesper Dahlback who releases stuff on the mighty Svek label run by Stephan Greider. Svek has developed its own sound since its start in '96. Mainly based on the works of local producers such as James Barth - aka techno future star Cari Lekebusch - and Erot, who has remixed this track as well as the one by Max Reich and J. Foufas which appears at the end of the album. Svek is one of the hottest house and tech-house labels on the planet, present in the boxes of the main serious house and techno DJs such as Gemini, Jef K, DIY, Justin Robertson, Harri, Faze Action, to name but a few... The two Erot remixes are really spaced-out jazzy numbers with a lot of spectacular FX, a sort of Idjut boys kinda style with more power and slightly different tempo changes and really really phat basslines.

08 IN HOUSE ALTERATIONS "Don't Stop" Laurence Ritchie is a new Nottingham house producer who has released three EP's on his own label Drop Music. It's a groovy and tight house sound plated by the likes of Colin Dale, Terry Francis or DIY. This is an extract of the second EP, In House Alterations.

09 SWIRL PEOPLE "Joy Nutz" Swirl People are Belgium's new house producers, a duo formed by Dimi3 Dewever and Raoul (the 'other' resident at Food). They're producing tracks for Wally's Groove World and the Raoul imprint, Aroma, whose latest offer has been charted and licensed by DJ Sneak. Their sound is very dancefloor-friendly, amusing with lots of funny FX and this track is their most accomplished yet - also played by Sneak, Derrick Carter, Heather and George Thompson (Tribal Funktion). They've also remixed a track with Geoffroy.

10 GREEN FRIDGE "You2nite Taped Cap Boogie" (Phil Asher remix) Green Fridge is the pseudonym of Luke Mc Carthy, who also releases tracks with Phil Asher under the Restless Soul guise. They're frankly the best producer team in the UK and are part of this English wave of producers who take their inspiration from Latin music and the Masters at Work and Mood 2 Swing production style, taking it a bit further - together with Orin Walters and the Bugz in the Attic, Steve Sole Middleton and Bah Samba, who are on the same label than this track, Estereo. This is the Phil Asher remix and it's kickin'!

11 RENATO PEARSON & JOVOON "Soudmen On Wax" (Optic Vision) Jovoon is an early respected New Jersey producer who has been really influential on the house and garage scene in the last ten years; having been quiet recently, he's back with his own label NextMoov, and this is a very moving jazzy instrumental he co-produced with Renato Pearson for the excellent Soundmen On Wax from NY.

12 PHUTURE RETRO "Love" (Love Groovin') Phuture Retro is the pseudonym of excellent Scottish label Sole owner Steve Middleton and Bah Samba's Julian Bendall. They've achieved a really warm, musical and hypnotic house groove, very close - again - to the MAW style. A big hit on Belgium's house floors.

13 AFRO LOVE PROJECT "One Love" (Everything's Afro Mix) Fred Everything is the funky mind behind the Afro Love project on Sole's sublabel Tronic Sole, and it's a really fresh version of his own "One Love' track with a nice vocal on top; Canada's Fred Everything has been producing funky house music on labels such as 20/20 Vision and on Dino & Terry label. He's DJing in Europe in clubs like Basics, Floppy Disco, Paris' Rex...

14 MAX REICH & J.FOUFAS "Alchemy" (Erot remix) See above under "The Persuader".


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