"The Family Album"

Three-and-a-half years of living dangerously, 42 months full of adventurous releases, of passion, discoveries, madness, courage, faith...

To mark this occasion, each artist on the roster of Tony 'Moody Boyz' Thorpe's imprint has produced a new exclusive track for THE FAMILY ALBUM, an extremely low-priced CD/LP which contains 9 snapshots from the current State of Language, and shows once again why and how the label has become one of the most respected sources of experimental beats.

The Family Album
budget-priced CD (word d9) & LP (word v9)

("it's exclusive, exciting, and so cheap it's not even worth trying to steal it")

CHROME 'Melody'
an ultra-promising new d'n'b+hip hop duet consisting of rapper Rasheed and an anonymous producer who has prolifically released stuff on Metalheadz & other labels

aka Danny Coffey - Language's master drum'n'bassist has been releasing tracks in collaboration with Klute and Justice, & is currently putting the finishing touches to his second album

ELIXIR 'Ballad For Lisa And Peter'
the threesome of twisted abstract hip hoppers from London are also working on their new LP, the follow-up to last year's 'The Phobos Incident"

BUCKFUNK 3000 'Information'
electrotechnofunk wunderkind Si Begg has released a very successful album ("First Class To Telos"), done mixes for Sven Väth & Telex, and toured with the Ninja Tune package. New 12" out soon

NAD 'Silence Descends'
Mustafa Ali's strange techno/spoken word tracks first came to attention with his cult 12"'Distant Drum'. His Family Album track 'Silence Descends' is in the same vein

TAO 'Scroll'
since the release of his album 'Esoteric Red' and his double-12" "Riot In Lagos" (a cover of a Sakamoto tune), London-based Japanese producer gas done remixes for Cup Of Tea Records and for Fun-Da-Mental

their critically-acclaimed electronic avant- jazz album "Internal Clock" came out last Spring; they're now working on their live show

PHOSPHORUS 'Surrender'
advance copies of the debut downtempo vocal album (scheduled for the end of the year) by the Rome-based quartet of English expats are generating a lot of interest in Japan & the USA

BIO MUSE 'Socially Bankrupt'
the Roman sonic terrorists have remixed Meat Beat Manifesto and Fun-Da-Mental. Their new album will feature collaborations with a.o. Kevin Martin and Alec Empire


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